Barry Mitchell

About Barry Mitchell

W_140713-RSE-2986-2For the past 20 years Barry has focused on Sales, Business & Personal Development.

His focus is to Equip 100’s of 1000’s of people to enable them to build great lives & great businesses. To teach people to sell to themselves & others, to communicate at a higher level, to build low risk high earning businesses & to embrace their fears & challenges & not fear them. To help people break through the barriers that are keeping them from having a life that they desire & to build a team that is focused & committed to helping others achieve more from life & achieving more from life for themselves & their families.

In 2007 he launched a business called The SalesCoach specialising in the area of Sales, Business, & Entrepreneurial development. In that time, through one on one interventions, web based training platforms, & public seminars, he has worked with thousands of Individuals & hundreds of business owners to help them achieve extraordinary results in their lives & businesses.

Barry currently partners with & is personally mentored by world renowned Sales & Leadership expert Blair Singer.

His 2015 goal is to enable the creation of 100 Million rand worth of new business revenue through the hands of new businesses & new business owners in South.

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