Sales Masterclass

Sales Explosion Masterclass


Are you ready to experience a HUGE increase in your sales and income ASAP?


Learn the Secrets to Exploding Your
Income in a Matter of Minutes Instead
of Months or Years…


Make Money Before You Even Leave the Programme!


Are you leaving thousands… maybe millions of Rands on the table?


Money that should be coming to you!


I will bet that you even have a great product, service or idea that should be making you a LOT more money than it is right now.


If you are like most… you are probably working extremely hard, but thinking that you should be able to get a better return on your time and effort. Maybe you are making progress, but not the progress you were hoping for. If you are stuck… if your income is plateaued or worse, declining, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity. I will teach you selling skills that can turn your financial future around, immediately.


The 2.5 Day Sales Explosion Master Class is a signature course from the world renowned sales trainer Blair Singer. It is the most experiential sales training you can experience and there is no other like it in Africa.


I have had the privilege of working closely with Blair for over 8 years and I'm one of 3 trainers in the world, besides Blair, that is able to teach this course. I spent over R60 000 to attend this training in the USA. You won't have to spend that amount as the training will be right here in South Africa on 26 - 28 February 2015.


The programme is valued at over R20 000 and normally you would have to fly to the USA to attend it.


I am offering this event to you at an unbelievable price.

Your investment for the event, that includes catering, a workbook, refreshments and much more is not going to be R20 000!


Click to see my offer.


It's called Sales Explosion for a reason!


You’ll learn how to…


  • Create income in any economy, any time and be able to sell anything of value to nearly anybody with interest without compromising yourself…
  • Access different ways to find the right people who actually want to give you money.
  • Convert and close more deals so you can make more money.
  • Obtain level 10 confidence in any situation and never be intimidated by anyone in any negotiation or sale.
  • Handle any objection at any time and turn more NO’s into YES’s so you earn more money.
  • Use the powerful techniques that I rely on for leverage and credibility and open more doors in your life.
  • Stop letting your Little Voice shoot you in the foot and gain access to the flood of income you are blocking at present.
  • Attract, inspire and drive a championship team that can leverage your results and make money for you – so you don’t have to work so hard.
  • Develop an environment that turns ordinary people into a championship team where everyone sells.
  • Use a simple 6-step process to close more deals now.
  • Experience and master the components for exploding income in minutes and days vs. months and years and to prove it … Actually make money during the programme.IMG_3410


That's right... You can implement what I teach you and actually make money before you even leave the programme. Pay for your programme at the programme.


I guarantee, you have never attended a Sales Training like this.
 Give yourself the gift of changing your life and your business this year. Join me for an amazing 2.5 days. You'll be grateful you did!


Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this income producing event

and make 2015 the year that exceeds your financial goals!

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