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“The Most Dynamic Sales, Business, & Leadership Program in Africa”

Picture1Based on World Renown Sales & Business Trainer, Blair Singer’s

5 Day Sales & Leadership Certification Workshop

Learn How to Build a Championship Team in any Environment

“5 Intensive Days of Dynamic, High Energy Training that Drives Business Growth Fast”

“Build a Sales Team to Explode Your Sales & Income”

Business owners would agree that to move from Survival to Freedom require a Team


Unfortunately, in most businesses there is always someone who doesn’t fit into the team, who creates problems, who drags the team down. Then there are those who know how to but just will not do.

If you want to see MASSIVE growth in your Business activities………..

If you want to EXPLODE your Personal Sales results and your Sales Team’s results……..

If you want to build long lasting MOTIVATION in any team environment……..

This dynamic, practical, one-of-a-kind training will reveal the SECRETS of how some businesses achieve sustainable top end results year after year!!

Do You really want to build a Massive Business? Do You really want to create a Championship Team?

Do You really want to become a leader who others will follow?

If The Answer Is Yes Then These 5 Days Are For YouIMG_3410

Leadership Development…. Personal Development

Business Development…. Personal Development

In this Program we combine Technical Skills, Tools, & Knowledge with Personal Development. Why? Because we know that it’s what Holds You back in your Mind, NOT what holds you back in your Skill that’s the Biggest Problem. You will learn how to confront some of your greatest FEARS about LEADERSHIP. You will learn how to develop your mind to overcome those things holding you back from building a HUGE, DYNAMIC TEAM.

Grow Your Confidence, Build Posture, Become The Leader You Are Destined to Become.

Learn To Build Systems to Create an Asset Based Business

We Will Teach You & Show You Practically In The Event How To Build An Environment That Drives MASSIVE RESULTS In Any Organization.

Environment Is Greater Than Will…. When You Control The Environment You Control The Results.

When you build an environment that allows full participation, focused accountability and deliver high end performance, you can determine the results you want? You will experience first-hand how we drive W_140713-RSE-2315massive, consistent results in any Organisation we work with, & you will learn how to build the same in your Organisation.


Put to practice the techniques you learn and drive your business activity right in the room!



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